A webspace dedicated to the Baby arrival !

Prepare the baby arrival with a Baby gift registry

Create a birth blog. Share photos with your family.

A wedding webspace for the new couple !

Create your Wedding registry and a cash fund for your Honeymoon.

Centralize all infos about the celebration in a wedding blog.

A webspace to organize a birthday celebration !

Organize a surprise and the grouped gifts (chip in)

Centralize all practical infos about the celebration

A webspace for your children at Christmas !

Create and publish the Wish lists with your children

Get prepared for Christmas and share with your family.

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What is an Easy-Wishlist Webspace ?

It is a personal webspace, fully customizable. To be shared with relatives and friends.

A webspace is made of 3 main pages.

The welcome page : presentation of the event and practical infos - blog of the event.

The list : Baby gift registry, Wedding registry, gifts list... or simple "to buy" list, depending on the event.

The photos gallery : photos associated to the event, slide show and comments on the photos.

How does the gift list/registry work ?

The list is universal, no limit

liste multi-boutiques

Thanks to our free tool, fill in your list directly while surfing the most popular online stores : full list here.

OR, simply use our multi-stores products catalog.

OR, create your own gifts description.

The items can be purchased anywhere

Unlike most other websites, the guests can buy the gifts on their own and give them directly.
The items can be purchased at the proposed retailers (for convenience) or not.
A button is available in order to mark the items as purchased and then avoid any items to be offered twice.

You can also request for cash.

recevoir des dons It is very easy to request cash by creating cash funds for a Honeymoon or any expensive items...
You set up the ways of payments: online with credit cards, or check...
If you choose online payments, the contributions will go directly to your private Paypal account with NO INTERMEDIATE.

Hassle free !

Unlike most other gifts registery system, you are fully independant : no contract, no need to request us a bank transfer to get your money and no bad surprise ! Our service is fully free, no fees !

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